A friendly place for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgendered people to meet other like minded people.. All ages welcome but please read terms and conditions and code of conduct
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 Terms and conditions and code of conduct

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Terms and conditions and code of conduct Empty
PostSubject: Terms and conditions and code of conduct   Terms and conditions and code of conduct EmptySun Jan 13, 2008 12:41 pm

Hello All,
The horrible bit I know but these need to be implemented otherwise the forum wouldnt be worth doing..

Users are welcome to browse the forum at their own risk. All ages are welcome and therefore can people please ensure that abusive language is kept to a minimum in the under 16 section of the forum. Users under the age of 16 and browsing in the adult channels are asked to be cautious of content viewed. Some which may not be suitable for young eyes.

Harrassment and bullying

Any users who are seen to be harrassing or bullying other members shall be warned once to stop. If no improvement within a set time users shall be expelled and any complaints or appeals upon unfairness of expellation from the central point forums should be put in email to zeon.xavier@gmail.com. This is a forum to allow users to interact with one another on a level suitable for all.
Racism, homophobia, sexism, or anything related to this shall not be tolerated and immediate expellation shall take effect with no appeal for coming back.. Users are reminded that any topics along this line are not suitable for the foums and admin and moderators shall not tolerate this.


Should users have a complaint against a member of staff at central point then please place in email to zeon.xavier@gmail.com titled Complaint. The same goes for other members of the forum. Admin will try to answer your question as quickly and effectively as possible. Due to a once a month holiday weekend break admin may take upto 72 hours to reply to your complaints. All complaints are in strictest confidentiality and no users shall be notified of any actions regarding this topic unless expellation is taken effect.

Tips or suggestions

Due to the forum being in early stages of renovation please be patient whilst new forum ideas are up held... Alternatively if your wanting to suggest something to improve the site and add other catergories please email admin on zeon.xavier@gmail.com and if approved then admin shall increase forums..

Job recruitments

Recruitment for positions such as admin are applied on a basis of best applications.. Please view the F.A.O area for further details.. This forum beleives that moderators for the forum shall be required to do voluntary work on their own part in assissting and monitoring the forum to ensure this area is kept as a safe sound enviroment for all to use.. Moderators can be both under 16 and over 16. The under 16 however are only allowed to monitor the persific forum/forums for the relivant age group. Members over 16 are allowed to monitor both groups.

A word from admin

May admin once again welcome all users to the forum and wish them a successful time here. Admin would like to personally thank users for joining in a quest to make this a fun successful forum for all ages of all nationalities.. Admin shall be lurking around either as Zeon or Admin so if on please dont be frightened to say Hello as admin doesnt bite.

Have fun all and hope your not scared to join Smile
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Terms and conditions and code of conduct
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