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 News letter February 08 Second edition

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News letter February 08 Second edition Empty
PostSubject: News letter February 08 Second edition   News letter February 08 Second edition EmptyWed Feb 27, 2008 4:16 pm

Dear You the viewer,
What an eventful month february has been... May i take this oppetunity to say a big massive welcome to our new moderator Greyhound (forgot the last bit lol)... Joining the team on moderation level with previous experience within the field admin gave her a chance to demonstrate the skills and through her experience she has helped change a few things and add a few extra..

Our uptake in members in the past month has gone up 500% which is fantastic news for the community as this time last month when i was typing up the first edition we were small and had only got 4 members... I am personally very grateful as head of administration for the support that people have shown within the forum...

Over the past month also has bought in many new features such as the banter bit of fun section, The advice area for people wanting to understand gay lifestyle and various other topics... If someone has felt something is missing from the forums please dont hesistate to let admin know as we will be more than happier to assist in meeting the requirements of this forum.. This is a forum set up for users and is one of the few probably that will be controlled by you lot as well..

With regards to download earlier in the month may i apologize for the inconvience caused on the videos that we have uploaded here... Youtube was shut down and crashed temp by an error caused in pakistan by the goverment officals and as a result our comedy videos that we had on here were not able to be upoaded fully.. Hopefully within the next coming weeks or even this time next month new and exciting things will be taking place... I have thought of a few more ideas for the forum such as user spaces... I have various other topics But will go into those in a bit.. Please people be patient i know its great to know of new ideas but patience is a virtual and as the old beer saying goes Good things come to those who wait...

So until the next newsletter due out on 28th March 2008 your have to hold tight with the eager to find out progress and updations on how the projects are going..

One last pointer before this letter is bought to a close...

Head of admin Zeon will be out of forum on the 1st March through to the 3rd march as myself and my boyfriend duayne28 (Another modeator on the forum) are off on our monthly visit to leicester to visit his parents (Another long drive doing the YMCA on the M25)

Well thats all for now guys so please take care of yaselfs and chat to you all soon

Loads of forum hugs

Head of administration
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News letter February 08 Second edition
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